Greetings, it’s Sharpo here, with a new home page to link to my galleries etc. (Oct 2009)

The main gallery is “Sharpo’s World”, with most of my steam loco photos, plus traction engines, cars, lorries etc. The “Mostly Midlands” Gallery is more for modern trains, and of course mustn’t forget KC’s album.
The Blog is regularly updated & will also give details of photos added to the galleries.
Unfortunately I don’t get to the rallies like I used to, and most of my photography is limited to the area in which I live. The cost of transport and walking KC limits the distance I can travel & the time available, but at least the Severn Valley Railway isn’t far away!

1. Sharpo’s Blog - This is a new venture for me. I attempt to post at least one entry every day, most of which is hobby related, but other subjects do crop up from time to time - just for a bit of light relief. Occasionally a day goes by when nothing is added, maybe I’m busy or perhaps just being lazy! So far, it seems very simple to manage and could possibly replace parts of the old web sites.
It is also possible for me to update the Blog via e-mail when I am out & about, providing my “dongle” can get a broadband connection!

2. Photo updates - These used to be listed on the “Sharpo’s World” home page, but are now added to the Blog. An RSS feed link can be used to check for updates. Older updates are still listed in “Sharpo’s World”.

3. “Sharpo’s World - the original gallery with a mixture of transport related photos, including miniature railways, narrow gauge
railways, standard gauge on preserved and main line railways. Road vehicles are also included, such as tractors, steam rollers, cars, buses & commercial vehicles.

4. “Mostly Midlands” Gallery - I needed somewhere to put my “modern image” photos, without cluttering up the original
gallery. To add variety to my rather limited selection, photos have also been added by friends of mine.

5. KC’s Photo Album - our Border Terrier has her own gallery! Plenty of photos, the first of which was when she was just a few weeks old in 2006.

6. Message Board - another of my experiments. This mostly now relates to what I see on the SVR, with help from Richard. The Coalyard Miniature Railway also has a section run by Richard. In theory, a message board or forum is a great idea, but when spammers & “bots” start posting - it becomes a chore to manage, so I removed the registration option. As with the calendar, it is there and will remain in use. If anybody is interested in any of the sections on there & want to register, then get in touch with me.

That’s the basic page completed now, I’ll probably find something to change each time I look at it - at least it keep me out of mischief! That’s it for now - happy browsing!